sunday-school 1If you have never been a part of a Bible Study or were and it has been a while since you attended, please come and attend classes at Gashland Baptist. The teachers are knowledgeable and bring interesting facts to the lessons. Of course, there is always time for open discussion on the lesson of the day.

In our Sunday School classes, we focus on bringing the inspired Word of God into our every day lives through practical application. We believe that the Christian walk starts with learning what the Bible teaches, and Sunday School is a great place to take a deep dive into what the Word has to say.


College & 20’s Room 300 Life Matters for Young Adults

Cool Class Room 208 Life Truths for Parents

Women’s Well Room 211

Couples Class Room 210 “Couples in the Bible”

Boomers Room 209 Explore the Bible HCSB & KJV

Harvesters Fellowship Hall Explore the Bible HCSB & KJV

Winsome Room 105 Life Ventures for Retirees

Extension Life Ventures for Retirees

GAP – God’s Awesome People Choir Room

Overcomers – Single Parents – 3rd Floor

I AM SECOND – 3rd Floor


Babies up to 12 months
Room 203 Early Bible Steps for ageOnes & Twos
Room 206 Early Bible Steps for age3s,4s, & Pre-K
Room 205 Bible and Me

Children Room 300

Bible Teaching for Kids HCSB
Grades 1 & 2
Grades 3 & 4
Grade 5th

Youth Grades 6-12

Room 301
Life Focus HCSB

Sunday School Director
Open Position