Gashland Baptist Church Students is a ministry for students who are in 6th-12th grade that aims to help them follow the Light (John 8:12), and be the light (Matthew 5:14-16). We do this primarily through the weekly preaching and teaching of God’s Word, singing, prayer, small group discussions, and relationships, as well as through monthly service and fellowship events. In the summer we go to MFuge summer camp and we will be going on a mission trip this spring break.

9:30-10:30AM Sunday Mornings 

  • Curriculum: Bible Studies for Life
  • Teacher: Missy Rueter and Pastor Brady 

6-8PM Wednesday Nights 

  • 6-6:15PM – Hang time 
  • 6:15-6:35PM – Large Group Game Time 
  • 6:35-6:45PM – Announcements and Singing 
  • 6:45-7:15PM – Preaching 
  • 7:15-7:45PM – Small Group Discussion Time 
  • 7:45-8:00PM – Hang time 

On Wednesday evenings at 6pm we have our Midweek Gathering on the 3rd floor in room 301. Our Midweek Gathering typically begins with some hangout time up in our youth room where we have a ping pong table, a fussball table, a dart board, and some video games. Then at 6:15pm we transition into Large Group Game time. This could be a game of kickball, dodgeball, volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Flag football, etc. At 6:35pm we go to the Worship Room and go over announcements, pray, and then sing a worship song or two. At 6:45pm Pastor Brady begins preaching a 30 minute expository sermon. Currently, we are working our way through the Gospel of Mark. After the sermon is over around 7:15pm, students are split into three different small groups (Middle school girls, Middle school guys, and High Schoolers) for a 30 minute discussion about the sermon and how to apply it to their lives. Small Group discussion time ends at 7:45pm and then we have 15 minutes of hang time to close out the night. We would love to have your student/s join us! If you have any questions please email Pastor Brady at