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The Mission of the Music Ministry

To glorify our Lord and Savior through song, and to prepare hearts and minds for the receiving of God’s holy word.

Philosophy of Worship

Our audience is God and we aim to build a place where He can reside with pleasure and work in the hearts of people as we respond to His presence. Music Ministry members see themselves as worship leaders and ministers, not performers. They do not desire to draw attention to themselves or even the art form they are using, but to usher people to the throne of God by offering and modeling authentic worship. As worship leaders, they desire to offer a sacrifice of praise that is worthy of our great God with excellence, joy and reverence. Therefore, they take their ministry seriously and strive to come before the congregation and the Lord with clean hands and a pure heart.

Our Goal

To lead people in praise and worship of the Almighty by giving our best and facilitating an environment that invites the Holy Spirit to move.

Joining the Team

There are many areas to serve within the Music Ministry. We ask that you be experienced and confident with your instrument and/or voice. While we understand that many people have an interest in music or a desire to be part of a worship team, we also must remember that one important goal for our worship team is transparency. This means playing and singing well so that we are not a distraction for the congregation. As such, we cannot guarantee that all those who audition will be able to join the team. In such a case, we hope that you will still volunteer for other aspects of the music ministry, such as sound engineering, planning, setup, instrument tech, etc.

For musicians, we require an audition to ensure that we build a worship team that is cohesive and polished. For vocalists, we require a minimum of four weeks of attendance at practice before being put into the rotation. In particular, we are actively seeking vocalists who are comfortable with harmonies. For sound engineering, we require shadowing with another sound engineer until you are fully up to speed (this is not required for those that demonstrate significant experience). We are happy to train anyone who shows a Godly desire to give their talents to the Lord. For more information, contact Pete Lucas to schedule a personal meeting and audition.


Pete Lucas
(816) 787-2550